TypeScript Support

Init the TypeScript Project

Select the menu: Project/TypeScript/Init,and editor will create 'TypeScripts' folder in the root of project. TypeScript filea are placed here. The initial directory tructure shows as:

  • qc.d.ts: delear qc typescript api.
  • tsconfig.json and .vscode: config for "Visual Studio Code".

    We commend Visual Studio Code to write typescript codes.

Create a ts file

Open the folder 'TypeScripts' using 'Visual Studio Code' and create file 'Test.ts':

namespace qc.demo {
    export class Test extends Behaviour {
        year: number;
        private serializableFields: Object = {
            year: qc.Serializer.NUMBER

        constructor(gameObject: Node) {

            // Init the behaviour
            this.year = 2016;
    qc.registerBehaviour('qc.demo.Test', Test);

This is a standard template for defining a Behaviour class(same to api: qc.defineBehaviour). We define a class 'Test' here, and it's namespace is 'qc.demo'. We define a serializable property 'year' in the class. Call 'qc.registerBehaviour' to register this behaviour last.


There are 2 ways to built the project:

  1. Build in the tool: 'Visual Studio Code'
  2. Select the menu: Project/TypeScript/Build in the qici editor.

File 'ts.js' are generated in the 'Scripts' folder after building. Then everying is the same to the javascript.