Project Settings

Open Project Settings

Select 'Project/Settings...' from main menu

Property Instruction

  • Project Name - The name of current project
  • Game Name - The name of this game, will display as title on webpage
  • Company - The name of company or developer
  • Identifier - The unique identifier, like:, use it for saving
  • Instance - The variable name for game instance, for example: qc_name, then you can access the game instance by window.qc_game in webpage
  • Version - The version of this game, like: 2.0.1, see Publishing
  • Loading Prefab - The Prefab for scene loading and switching, see Loading Screen
  • Frame Rate/Mobile - The maximum frame rate limit for mobile devices
  • Frame Rate/Desktop - The maximum frame rate limit for desktop devices
  • Fixed Game Size/Width - The width for fixed game size
  • Fixed Game Size/Height - The height for fixed game size
  • Background Color - The background color of this game
  • Transparent - Determines transparent or not in game background
  • Renderer - Determine the render mode: Canvas or Auto
  • Run in Background - Determines whether or not to continue run the game when focus lost
  • Antialias - Determines whether or not to enable antialias
  • Developer Mode - If in developer mode, debug information will be printed to the browser's console
  • Application Cache - Determines whether or not to enable Application Cache, If enable, it will generate a manifest file named qici.appcache in publish.

Remember to click 'Apply' button to make all the changes to be saved.

Scene List

  • All scenes in Assets/scene folder will be listed
  • Check all the scenes that you want to publish
  • The first checked scene will act as the entry scene of this game, that will be used to initialize game and load assets, you can change the order of scenes by-drag-and drop directly.