1. Set project information correctlly, see Project Settings:
    • Make sure correct 'Identifier' value
    • Make sure correct 'Version' value
    • Make sure all the scenes that need to be published are checked, and set the correct entry scene
  2. Click 'Project/Publish...' from main menu to publish
  3. Wait for a moment, content described below will appear in the 'Build' folder of the project:
    • Assets/: All the assets in the project
    • js/:The packed and minified JavaScript
    • qici.appcache:A manifest file for Application Cache. If Application Cache is enable in Project Settings, this file will be generated in publish.
    • StartGame.html:The start HTML page of game, you can customize it Publish
  4. Upload all the stuffs to website server, then you can play the game by visit StartGame.html.