Installation on Mac OS X

Install Node.js

Download Node.js installer for your platform,follow the instructions to install it.

If you already have Node.js installed, please update it to latest version. the Node.js versions that QICI Engine supports are:

  1. Any v0.12.x version before io.js merged with Node.js
  2. Any version higher than v4.1 after io.js merged with Node.js

Download QICI Engine

Download QICI Engine noinstall zip from GitHub, and unzip it.

Run QICI Engine

Double click on start-mac.command to start QICI Engine server, then QICI Editor will be open in browser automatically:

  • In unzip folder, you can also start QICI Engine server by command: node ./editorservice/StartService.js
  • QICI Editor can run on any browser that supports HTML5, but we recommand you to use Google Chrome browser for better performance
  • The entry url of QICI Editor is: http://localhost:port/project.html, you can get the port value from server console: