Toolbar's functions can be divided into five sections:


From left to right:

  1. Pan - Move the whole canvas, shortcut key: Q
  2. Move - Change the coordinate of node, shortcut key: W
  3. Scale - Change the scale of node, shortcut key: E
  4. Anchor and Size - Change the anchor and size of node, shortcut key: R


From left to right:

  1. Zoom scene to fit content, shortcut key: T
  2. Show/Hide ruler, shortcut key: Y

Run and Debug

From left to right:

  1. Run(Exit running) game
  2. Pause game
  3. Stepping debug

Add Game Objects

From left to right:

  • Empty Node - Create an empty node
  • Image - Create an Image node
  • Sprite - Create a Sprite node
  • Text - Create a Text node
  • Input Field - Create an Input Field node
  • Toggle - Create a Toggle node
  • Button - Create a Button node
  • ScrollBar - Create a ScrollBar node
  • ScrollView - Create a ScrollView node
  • ProgressBar - Create a ProgressBar node
  • Slider - Create a Slider node
  • Dom - Create a Dom node
  • Sound - Create a sound node
  • Tilemap - Create a Tilemap node

Change Resolution

Choose mainstream mobile phone resolution, for Android, pick up the most close resolution, or choose "Free Aspect" option.