Notice:Filters work only in WebGL rendering mode, not working in Canvas rendering mode.

Using Filter

  1. Add UI/FilterGroup component onto any UIImage

  2. Click Add Filter button to add one or more filters, an UIImage can have mutilple filters to show various effects of blending.

Filter Type

The built-in filters support the effects as followings:

  1. qc.Filter.AlphaMask

    Other Texture: uses another image's alpha information to blend the original image

  2. qc.Filter.Highlight

    Light: 0~1, highlight factor
    Light Color: highlight color

  3. qc.Filter.BlurX

    Blur: horizontal blur factor

  4. qc.Filter.BlurY

    Blur: vertical blur factor

  5. qc.Filter.Gray

  6. qc.Filter.BlendTexture

    Other Texture: uses another image to mix with the original image
    Mix: 0~1, mix factor

  7. qc.Filter.KeepSource


Filter Demo