Texture Atlases

Combine multiple images automatically into one large image, called texture atlases, for improving performance.


  • Images to be combined into one large image should be placed in one folder.
  • The agreed name of the folder should end with '@atlas', like: 'nameOfImage@atlas'.
  • The large image is generated in Assets/atlas/nameOfImage.bin after packing.
  • Put the original images in Assets/art folder for unified management.
  • Use english characters and underscore character for the name of atlas, otherwise the download may fail as it is relied on the web server.

Workflow of texture Atlases

  1. Get art designing resources ready and rename each image according to the demand
  2. Create original folder for the atlas in Project panel: Assets/art/dota@atlas
  3. Drag the images into this folder:
    add image
  4. Select the main menu: Tool/Repack Texture Atlases, start to repack all texture atlases
  5. After Packing, atlas is generated at: Assets/atlas/dota.bin

Note: If original images changed, you need to repack texture atlases by step 4