A Signal is an event dispatch mechansim than supports broadcasting to multiple listeners.


    var e = new qc.Signal();


Method Description
add Add an event listener.
has Check if a specific listener is attached.
addOnce Add a one-time listener - the listener is automatically removed after the first execution.
remove Remove a single event listener.
removeAll Remove all event listeners.
dispatch Dispatch / broadcast the event to all listeners.


    // Create a Signal.
    var e = new qc.Signal();

    // Add an event listener.
    e.add(function(p1, p2) {
        console.log('1. Receive event:', p1, p2);
    e.addOnce(function(p1, p2) {
        console.log('2. Receive event:', p1, p2);

    // Dispatch the event.
    e.dispatch('A', 'B');
    e.dispatch('C', 'D');