inherit qc.Node


Represents a Sprite object for use in 2D gameplay. Sprites are 2D graphic objects used for characters, props, projectiles and other elments of 2D gameplay. The graphics are obtained from bitmap images.

The FrameAnimation and DragonBone are supported.

Create a Sprite

var sprite = new qc.game.add.sprite(parent);


Variable Name Type Description
animationNameList array Read only. The list of animation names.
animationType enum Read only. The type of Animation: Sprite.NONE_ANIMATION, Sprite.FRAME_ANIMATION, Sprite.DRAGON_BONES, Sprite.FRAME_SAMPLES
defaultAnimation string The default animation' name. It will automatic play when awake.
armature dragonBones.Armature current armature node
frame string The frame' name in the texture atlas.
colorTint qc.Color Get or set tint color.
isPlaying bool Read only. Is the sprite playing an animation?
isComplete bool Read only. Is the animation is finished?
lastAnimationName string Read only. Last animation name played.
nativeSize qc.Rectangle The texture's real size.
paused bool Pause / Resume playing animation.
texture qc.Texture The texture atlas.


Event Description
onStart When start playing animation, this event is trigged.
onFinished When end playing animation, this event is trigged.
onLoopFinished When play aimation in loop, this event is trigged when single loop is finished.
onTextureChanged When texture change, this event is trigged.


Method Description
getAnimationInfo Get the animation data.
playAnimation Plays the animation.
resetNativeSize Set the sprite' size to the texture's size.
stop Stop playing the animation.


bot = new game.add.sprite()
bot.x = 100;
bot.y = 200;
bot.texture = game.assets.find('bot');
bot.playAnimation('run', 1.5 /* Speed */, true /* Is Loop? */);