inherit qc.UIImage


Turn a simple label into an interactable input field.

Create a InputField

    var inputField = new qc.game.add.inputField(parent);


Variable Name Type Description
state number The state for this object: UIState.NORMAL(normal state), UIState.PRESSED(node is pressed), UIState.DISABLED(node is disable)
lineType number The LineType used by the InputField: InputField.SINGLE_LINE(single line), InputField.MULTI_LINE(multiline)
contentType number Specifies the type of the input text content.InputField.STANDARD(Allows all input), InputField.INT(Allow whole numbers), InputField.NUMBER(Allows decimal numbers), InputField.TEL(Allows phone), InputField.EMAIL(The input is used for typing in an email address), InputField.PASSWORD(Allows all input and hides the typed characters by showing them as asterisks characters.)
text string The current value of the input field.
placeholderText string The placeholder text
characterLimit number How many characters the input field is limited to. -1 = infinite.
overflow bool Text flows freely outside the element. Default: true.
isFocused bool ture:is editing
textComponent qc.Node The reference of input text node.
placeholder qc.Node The reference of placeholder text node.


Event Description
onStateChange When input field's state changed, this event is triggered.
onValueChange When input field's content changed, this event is triggered.