Detects device support capabilities.
This class represents a singleton object that can be accessed directly as game.device.


Variable Name Type Description
game qc.Game The local game reference.
desktop boolean Read only. Is running on a desktop?
iOS boolean Read only. Is running on iOS?
android boolean Read only. Is running on android?
webGL boolean Read only. Is webGL available?
vibration boolean Read only. Does the device support the Vibration API?
browser enum Read only. Can be: Device.CHOME, Device.ARORA, Device.EPIPHANY, Device.FIREFO, Device.TRIDENT, Device.IE, Device.MOBILE_SAFARI, Device.MODORI, Device.OPERA, Device.SAFARI, Device.SILK, Device.UCBROWSER, Device.UNKNOW
resolution number Read only. The device's resolution.
fullscreen boolean Read only. Does the browser support the Full Screen API?
editor boolean Is the game running in editor mode.
orientation enum The device's orientation. Value: Device.AUTO、Device.PORTRAIT(Width < Height)、Device.LANDSCAPE(Width > Height)


Event Description
onOrientationChange When the orientation changed, this event is triggered.


Device Demo