A component for table layout.


Variable Name Type Description
constraint int Layout constraint, see Constant
startCorner int Layout start corner, left top by default
startAxis int Layout start direction, horizontal by default
contentSizeProvider int Size calculate mode. seeBounds's sizeProvider
style int Current layout style. TableLayout.STYLE_WRAP_ELEMENT、TableLayout.STYLE_RESIZE_ELEMENT. see Constant
spacingX int Spacing in x axis
spacingY int Spacing in y axis
cellWidth int Width of cell
cellHeight int Height of cell
contentAlignment int Alignment mode of content, effective only while style is TableLayout.STYLE_RESIZE_ELEMENT.
cellAlignment int Alignment mode of cell
columnsCount int Read Only. current column count
rowsCount int Read Only. current row count
ignoreX bool Whether ignore the adjustment on the x-axis direction.
ignoreY boo Whether ignore the adjustment on the y-axis direction.
autoUpdate bool Whether relayout per frame automatically.


Method Description
getCellStyle Get style of a cell
setCellStyle Set style of a cell
clearCellStyle Clear style of a cell
relayout Relayout container
getCellRect Get box size of cell
getCellLayout Get layout of a cell


Constant Value Description
TableLayout.CONSTRAINT_FLEXIBLE Not limit row and column,automally adjust row and column by size
TableLayout.CONSTRAINT_FIX_COLUMN_COUNT Fixed column count
TableLayout.CONSTRAINT_FIX_ROW_COUNT Fixed row count
TableLayout.STYLE_WRAP_ELEMENT Keep cell size to layout.
TableLayout.STYLE_RESIZE_ELEMENT Keep self's RectTransform to layout, will change the size of cell
TableLayout.AXIS_HORIZONTAL Horizontal direction
TableLayout.AXIS_VERTICAL Vertical direction
TableLayout.CORNER_TOP_LEFT Top left corner
TableLayout.CORNER_TOP_RIGHT Top right cornet
TableLayout.CORNER_BOTTOM_RIGHT Bottom right cornet
TableLayout.CORNER_BOTTOM_LEFT Bottom left cornet
TableLayout.ALIGN_LEFT Horizontal left
TableLayout.ALIGN_CENTER Horizontal center
TableLayout.ALIGN_RIGHT Horizontal right
TableLayout.ALIGN_TOP Vertical top
TableLayout.ALIGN_MIDDLE Vertical center
TableLayout.ALIGN_BOTTOM Vertical bottom
TableLayout.ALIGN_TOP_LEFT Top left
TableLayout.ALIGN_TOP_CENTER Top center
TableLayout.ALIGN_TOP_RIGHT Top right
TableLayout.ALIGN_MIDDLE_LEFT Middle left
TableLayout.ALIGN_MIDDLE_CENTER Middle center
TableLayout.ALIGN_MIDDLE_RIGHT Middle right
TableLayout.ALIGN_BOTTOM_LEFT Bottom left
TableLayout.ALIGN_BOTTOM_CENTER Bottom center
TableLayout.ALIGN_BOTTOM_RIGHT Bottom right